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Our law firm has a 95% rate of success based on profesionalism and knowledge.

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Our attorneys are able to draw on multiple experiences and apply best practices creatively across industry lines, always striving to supply efficient and high-quality legal services.
Services we provide that enhance business operations and profitability include assistance with the following:
Venture and Corporate Finance, Contract Negotiations / Contract Management, Business Law Services

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Contract Law

Get It in Writing

The primary rule of contract law is to get it in writing. Every business transaction should be documented in a sound business contract. But not all contracts are created equal. Some leave the door open to misinterpretation. Others simply fail to provide adequate protections.
Whether you own a small business or a large corporation with hundreds of employees, your business is only as strong as the contracts that govern its transactions and business relationships.
At Bradu, Neagu & Associates our business contract attorneys draft, review and enforce contracts for our business clients. Our goal is to protect your rights, preserve your options and assets, and avoid the possibility of litigation. If a contract dispute does arise, our contract litigation attorney will take aggressive action to achieve a cost-effective resolution.
Drafting and reviewing business contracts are not do-it-yourself projects. A small oversight in a contract can cost you a significant sum of money.