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Bradu, Neagu
& Associates


Bradu, Neagu & Associates is a Bucharest-based law firm specialized in criminal law, civil law, commercial law and arbitration. Our core activities are focused on the business criminal law branch, primarily white-collar crime.

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Over our past 10 years of activity, we have represented corporations spanning across the globe, public officials and pivotal individuals, in cases with a high stake in terms of finance and reputation.

Most of our portfolio consists of powerful companies with multinational operations that dominate sectors such as energy, mining, engineering, construction, retail, pharmaceutical industry.

Our clients' gallery also includes companies with a market capitalization of over $40 billion, more than 100,000 employees and decades of rewriting the rules of the game. Bradu, Neagu & Associates' practice covers the full spectrum of prevention advisory, counselling, assistance and legal court representation.

Bradu, Neagu

& Associates’s


Our beneficiaries entrust us not only for our agile perspective and demonstrated proficiency but also by virtue of our total dedication in each and every case.
Discretion, round the clock availability, and partners' direct involvement in all of the firm's cases are a code we fully embrace and respect. Without exceptions.

Our clients' legal interests are paramount, and all our actions converge to their defence and the anticipation of crisis situations before escalating.

We carefully choose our battles and alliances, taking only the complex cases that we are confident we can lead to the desired resolution.

As an expression of our commitment to justice and the community we live in, our team brings its expertise in at least five pro bono cases every year.


Roman Bradu

Managing partner, white-collar crime litigator

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Strategic partnership


We believe in the full compatibility between expertise and case; hence, we work closely with top-notch specialists.

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Florian Șurghie is one of the most respected white-collar crime experts in the Romanian legal landscape.

He has been devoted to top-tier law since 2004, after a prolific 20-year career as a magistrate.

He was involved in some of the most publicized criminal investigations carried out by DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism) and DNA (Romanian National Anticorruption Directorate), which targeted politicians and prosecutors as well as media, sports and energy top-management.

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