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Andrei Neagu graduated from the Faculty of Law of The University of Bucharest in 2005 and has been a Bucharest Bar member since 2007.


He has an extensive

and diverse experience in handling intricate civil and commercial law disputes and is also an expert in arbitration.

Having an in-depth approach to his clients' objectives, he tactically guides them to the most feasible options, regardless of their quality of plaintiffs or defendants.

His legal strategies are developed in a dynamic manner, ensuring steady and fluid progress in each procedural phase.

Throughout his career, Andrei Neagu has counselled and assisted several large-scale transactions for companies in Romania and abroad.

His portfolio encompasses multiple fruitful collaborations with organizations in full international bloom, helping them regain and consolidate their stability and market position.

Two of the most recent cases won:

Civil litigation case resulting from a service contract, with a value of over 17 million euros.

Civil litigation case resulting from banking assets acquisition, with a value of 7 million dollars.