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Bradu, Neagu & Associates performs an estimable activity in civil and commercial law and concentrates their endeavours on litigation concerning companies and top representatives, with a significant social impact.

Our team has a detailed understanding of the business environment and broad legal expertise, consolidated by highly complex litigation diversity.

Experienced and gifted, our attorneys master the subtleties of conflicts and can guide clients to the legal path that fully serves their immediate and long-term objectives: negotiation, arbitration, or court action.


Over the years, we have represented prominent organisations in class action lawsuits, litigation resulting from contractual relationships, trade disputes. We have defended debtors or creditors' rights and interests during insolvency proceedings and provided advice to overcome deadlocks in transactions.

Bradu, Neagu & Associates's practice is oriented towards the most sophisticated resolutions in conflicts that can undermine our clients' commercial position, brand prestige, or employer brand. We offer more than arguments; we build strategies for thriving and preserving possessions and reputation.

Simultaneously, we are a strong ally when due diligence, outsourced legal assistance and advice are needed to be tailored to the business's specifics and dynamics.

Our expertise is augmented by the many partnerships we have established with niche specialists in matters as mergers & acquisitions, real estate law, antitrust and competition policies, consumer protection, labour law, public procurement laws and regulations, intellectual property and data protection.


Some of the corporate clients we have worked with:

The largest oil company in Russia - representation in contractual disputes with a value of 46 million euros. The business concern owns a network of more than 4,000 gas stations in Russia, Europe and the USA and runs one of the largest refineries in Romania. The organization was listed on Forbes Global 2000, among the most profitable companies in the world.

Turkish turnkey construction and real estate company - assistance in insolvency proceedings and representation in civil litigation resulting from enterprise contracts with a stake of millions of dollars. The company serves 4 continents, has 2,500 employees and won, in 2015, the Best Project of the Year award for the Dakar International Congress Center project.

A world leader in mining - representation in contract litigation between partners. The company is active in 52 countries, has 13,000 employees and operates in 8 industries (metals and mining, coal and coke, energy, fertilizers and chemicals). It is Turkey's largest importer of coke and second-largest importer of coal.

A Romanian company that regionally distributes food and non-food (NFI) items produced by some of the most well-known brands - representation in disputes involving an element of foreignness emerged from executing a freight contract. We have collaborated with law firms from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Hungary. The company has 25 years of experience, over 2,000 employees and a turnover of more than 200 million euros.