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Bradu, Neagu & Associates offers legal counselling, assistance, dispute resolution and court representation services.

The law office is founded on a firm commitment to impeccable results, genuine relationships and perpetual evolution.

Our team harnesses its experience in partnership with outstanding specialists in the following areas of practice.


Criminal Law   learn more

Business criminal law is our area of excellence, where we have built the reputation as one of the Romanian's strongest white-collar crime teams.

We have a record of hundreds of victories in highly complex cases, playing on the side of prestigious international companies with billion dollar market capitalization, managers and decision-makers in the public and private sector.


Civil law, Commercial law & Arbitration   learn more

Our practice is oriented towards the most sophisticated resolutions in conflicts that can undermine our clients' commercial position, brand prestige, or employer brand.

We offer more than arguments; we build strategies for thriving and preserving possessions and reputation.

Practices in cooperation


The business climate surrounding corporate entities is continually changing. In order to make progress, every action on the international stage must be working in step with the legal and regulatory amendments made in the countries where the company has subsidiaries.

It is a ceaseless agreement that requires a proactive and strategic approach at every turn. From the drafting and preparing contract documents phase to the transfer of assets and conducting the transactions, we advise clients in identifying all the risks, assessing the opportunities and managing liability.

Alongside exceptional collaborators, we bring to the table a long experience accomplished by working with companies awarded for their growth, innovation and profitability.

Our goal is to help our clients to make the most cost-effective decisions within the legal framework of the economic space in which they operate.

Taking over a company or new division and merging two entities with distinct personalities are significant moments in any business, bearing a high potential for evolution.
Capitalising these milestones in a dynamic global market is not without challenges, but having a performant legal plan for each action can amplify both profit and safety.

The entire mechanism is a conglomerate of legal and fiscal details requiring competent lawyers to carefully watch over the objectives and ensure that the initial goals are achieved and that each party concerned is given the attention it deserves.

Our national and international partners are ready to closely assist complex corporate mergers and acquisitions procedures throughout all stages: audit and pre-contractual negotiation, preparing all the necessary documentation, structuring the operations and managing transactions, assisting negotiation and mediating contractors' claims, reviewing contracts and performing the restructuring following the transactions.

Whether we are talking about acquiring a property or land, investing in real estate development, disposing or revaluating a building, leasing or expropriation, our professional legal advice draws the line between opportunity and risk.

Engaging multidisciplinary know-how, we help our clients navigate in a volatile real estate market, from deciding to closing the transaction.

We give transparent and pragmatic advice when evaluating properties, their technical and legal regime and the conditions imposed by the owners or sellers, and we also offer assistance in negotiating contracts. We deal with the paperwork for purchasing, selling, renting and obtaining permits and authorisation permits, we draft legal memoranda and opinions, and we also provide licensed counselling for financing administrative, commercial, residential or mixed-use construction projects.

Our services bear a personal imprint, suited to the current context and our beneficiaries' particular interests, in their quality of investors, builders, retailers, public institutions, private companies or individuals.

Many of our clients are thriving cross-border organisations with a strong presence in the markets where they operate; therefore, antitrust laws are amid the perennial challenges they face.

On their way to expanding and diversifying, companies must adhere to these strict policies designed to protect healthy competition and imposed by national governments or international bodies.

The line between honourable intentions and violation is often thin, therefore our clients request our aid in understanding and complying with the rules in order to avoid damaging, costly and time-consuming investigations and disputes.
Through responsible conduct and access to exceptional legal advice, together we can prevent harsh sanctions and focus on development ambitions.

We rely on lawyers fully-rooted in the economic universe, with an in-depth knowledge of the legislation. We perform audits, offer guidance for competition law compliance, give assistance in drafting internal policies, developing and evaluating the price & promotion strategy, and grant court representation in high-stakes litigation.

Customer satisfaction is a critical performance benchmark for B2C businesses. Furthermore, it is of great importance for supplier companies to comprehend the legislation that formulates consumers' rights and obligations of economic actors. Simultaneously, every person who chooses one company's products or services is protected by a legislative framework that mediates their access to an informed, safe and pleasant experience.

When this consumer-supplier contract is violated, either knowingly or due to negligence, consumers can resort to several courses of legal action that can harm companies, both financially and in terms of reputation.

Working with extremely well-trained consumer rights legal experts, we are ready to provide legal advice, assistance and representation before courts or control institutions.

We support companies to adhere to the relevant legislation on product safety, labelling and warranty and to develop their contractual documents and procedures, also offering elite defence in the event of litigation.

We are also a voice for individuals, whom we help to be heard and compensated, either through individual or collective lawsuits.

Alongside our partners, we have solved hundreds of civil cases involving large companies with diverse teams of over tens of thousands of members - all valuable opportunities to understand the full scope of challenges that can emerge from the employer-employee relationship.

Studying the particularities of various industries, we recognised the necessities surrounding a multinational organisation's identity with a local workforce spread worldwide, and we listened to today's employees' expectations.

Among other matters, we deal with negotiating, drafting, amending and terminating individual employment contracts, advising managers on every relevant decision concerning human resources and mediating labour disputes. We help both employees and employers understand their rights and obligations and wield the power they have.

We assist in initiating or appealing against disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, restructurings and other specific issues. We are always ready to represent our clients in disputes in all situations where amicable settlement is not a feasible option.

Participation in public procurement is a prime lever for diversification and advancement, notably for companies in the energy, transport, health or education sectors. European Commission statistics have shown that EU public authorities spend approx. 14% of their gross domestic product to purchase goods, services and raw material. However, the comprehensive legal framework, regulated by rigid procedures and detailed documentation, can deter bidders.

We take all these concerns into account and actively replace them with tactical steps to winning essential tenders.
We intermediate the access to public procurement contracts, providing consultancy and assistance throughout the entire process: opportunity analysis, documentation and offer preparation, formulation of clarification requests and responses to authorities, drafting possible appeals.
By meticulously ensuring that all the award criteria are strictly followed, we are prepared to represent clients' interests in litigation related to the tendering process, awarding or executing contracts.

Perhaps more than ever in history, knowledge, creativity and innovation are invaluable assets and economic development drivers. In today's highly interconnected and globalized world, companies are yet more vulnerable to infringements than in the past. Hence, developing a strategy to protect intellectual property is vital.

Having a great appreciation for those who are changing the world with their ideas, we facilitate the protection of their image and the fruits of their work. We work with entrepreneurs, investors and leaders in technology, science, industry, culture, media, advertising and many other fundamental areas.

We advise our clients on trademarks, patents, domain names and copyright. We gladly assist them with trademark registration, filing oppositions and appeals, negotiating license agreements, assigning or selling property rights.

Our specialized services include representation before the court in the event of intellectual property, trade secrets or protected geographical indications infringements.

The democratization of technology is probably the most significant opportunity in recent history. Businesses are exposed to a borderless market, a global workforce and infinitely easier ways to communicate and make their mission and work acknowledged.

On the flip side, the digital age has revealed a new demand: to adhere to strict legislation on obtaining, processing, storing, and protecting personal data belonging to customers and employees. Moreover, due to the need for preventing sensitive information breaches and trade secrets that could fall into the hands of competition or cyber attackers, data security became essential on every internal company policy.

Accordingly, we have developed a set of data protection services for companies in need of absolute risk control.

Our consulting work covers compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR, defining protocols for the manipulation, integrity and security of data, as well as reviewing marketing policies and identifying privacy data liabilities inherent in mergers and acquisitions.
At the same time, we assist corporate clients in crafting contingency plans for data breaches, and we represent them in disputes derived from data regime violations.

Our legal services gravitate around the value we are bringing to the life and evolution of a business.

We realise that our clients' needs may have an irregular rhythm, and the need for expert opinion may fluctuate.

Inspired by their valuable feedback, we have formulated several models of collaboration. We offer our skill and time only when clients need help on criminal, civil or commercial matters.

Thus, the outsourcing of the legal department becomes not only a trust policy but also a longstanding investment in their financial well-being.